Your Customers Will Love You – Simple Mobile Solutions That Increase Loyalty

We are excited to announce that they will now be offering mobile solutions to help clients bring in new customers! With our mobile rewards program, there is no extra software needed, no app to download and no cards to give out.  It’s quick and easy for both customers and employees.

The layout is customizable to match your brand and promote your products.  With access to a dashboard, clients can control all features, track their analytics, gather customer emails and–most importantly–develop a loyal relationship with their customers.

Our mobile rewards program is incredibly easy to use:

  • The customer has to become a member. Once a member, the employee can now search the customer by phone number every visit.
  • At time of purchase, the employee will plug in the total amount the customer spent, which automatically converts to points.
  • Finally, once the customer redeems their reward, the discount will be added to the bill.

If you’re interested and want to sign up for our mobile solutions to start bringing in new customers and improving relations with current ones, just click here!