Mobile Loyalty Reward Programs

Why you should consider a mobile loyalty program for your business

According to research done by QR for Business, consumers want loyalty programs and spending is proven to be higher with loyalty programs.

  • 47% of consumers wish more stores offered mobile apps to collect and redeem loyalty points.
  • 47% would choose to shop at a store that offered a mobile loyalty program over another store.
  • 46% would strongly recommend  company to their family and friends if it had a mobile loyalty program that offered personalized rewards.

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How mobile loyalty programs work

1. The loyalty program is customized to record transactions as purchase amounts or visits, and specifies the number of points awarded per visit, or per dollar spent. Authorized employees login and record purchases or visits and redeem member rewards (members cannot record their purchases or visits, or redeem rewards).

2. Customers join your loyalty program by going to the loyalty program URL from your mobile website (here is an example of what that looks like). Other ideas for encouraging customers to join are: creating a display inviting members to join, setting up a tablet stand with the loyalty program page open and including a link to the loyalty program as part of your website.

3. In the store, authorized employees ask existing program members “What is your phone number?”, and look up the member by that phone number (the phone number serves as a unique identifier). Employees log in to the loyalty program with their authorized employee login, using any internet-connected device with a browser.

4. Members can view their balance and see rewards by going to the loyalty program URL and entering their phone number. No password is needed. Customers cannot redeem rewards or record any purchases/visits themselves.

5. Business owners can access reports detailed reports on customer behavior and spending on member history, best customers, members with a birthday coming up, members who have not been to your location in a while, and send personalized email marketing campaigns to your customized member segments.


Benefits of mobile loyalty programs

  • Based on points (amounts spent), not “punches” (visits or units bought)
  • Secure (only employees enter points, with max amount set by admin)
  • Easy for customers and staff (no delays in rush hour)
  • Custom design and branding options
  • Give points for social sharing or “bring a friend” actions


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