Going Greek: Greek Rush Poses Huge Opportunity for Local Businesses



For the typical business catering to the college market, one’s busy season and often success typically correlate directly with the busiest time of the academic year. And when it comes to a busy time of the year, no portion of the calendar is more important to local businesses than Greek rush.

During Greek rush, incoming freshmen, transfer students and interested sophomores will be grouped together and participating in activities that are, in many ways, foreign to them. They are getting to know active members, each other, and—ultimately—the underlying Greek pulse of their college town. If a business can niche themselves within the Greek rush process—making themselves a must-go restaurant, store, bar, etc.—they can potentially build the foundation for a relationship and establish themselves as a tradition (even legacy) that will be carried down from student to student as years pass by.

Here Study Breaks, a leading college media entertainment company, presents businesses with must-know strategies for marketing to Greek students during the rush process.

Promote Greek Discounts

Although Greek rush certainly has its traditions, one way to penetrate the process is to entice the students making the decisions. Most organizations will have an outline of the Greek rush process, but just as campus itself changes with every new year, many rush decision makers will be looking for new ways to shake things up. The general rule for getting any student into one’s place of business is to undercut the competition with a discount.

If one is looking to target Greeks specifically, promoting a group discount is a surefire way to capture the attention of any organization. There is no doubt that this strategy works better for a specific range of local industries (restaurants, bars, outdoor businesses) than others, but any business can market their product as “Greek worthy” by thinking in terms of bulk.

Group together a variety of products, sell them at a package deal and market directly to Greek group with an exclusive deal that’s available for a “limited time only.”

Profit Share

Chances are that if one is working with the Greek market, they have already invested in some sort of profit share promotion. Every Greek organization has to fundraise as a barrier of entry to be recognized as a chapter. While these profit share opportunities will come and go throughout the year, one way to gain Greek trust is to present one’s business as a profit share opportunity early in the year. Letting students know up front that one’s business supports the Greek process is a quick and easy way to establish mutual respect and loyalty.

Host an Event

Hosting an event takes time and money but could ultimately be the best way to make a direct impact on campus. If one is planning on sponsoring a major event, running it during Greek rush certainly has its benefits.

Besides the obvious benefits of having multiple organizations present at one’s event, there’s also the added benefit of throwing it at the beginning of the school year.

Trends within the college demographic come and go quickly, mostly because of the holes in the market that open up when one’s consumer base is in a constant state of flux. Hosting an event at the beginning of the academic year jump-starts one’s marketing within the local customer base, while also giving incoming freshman a foundation to grab onto.