College Students’ Spending on Marijuana: Survey Results

Study Breaks College Media teamed up with its sister company, Shweiki Media Printing Company, and surveyed over 500 students on their spending habits. (The full results of this survey can be found here.) One of the questions asked students how much they spend on marijuana. Here are the results…


Spending on Marijuana

College student spending on marijuana 

-16% of students surveyed admit to spending money on marijuana every month.

-10% of surveyed students claim to spend at least $300  per year.

-1% admit to spending at least $6,000 per year.

A National Take on the Numbers…

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 21.8 million students were expected to attend college in fall of 2013. This means, when the results of this survey are applied across the board, nationally:

-3,488,000 college students in the United States spend money on marijuana.

-2,180,000 college students in the United States are spending $300 or more per year on marijuana—which comes to at least $654 million being spent annually by students on marijuana.

Survey Notes:

-Due to the nature of this survey and students’ likely hesitance to admit to spending money on marijuana—particularly when being asked to provide their email address when submitting their answers—these numbers are assumed to be conservative.

-For a survey of 508 people for a population of 21,800,000, there is a 99% confidence level with a +/- 5.7% error level. This means that if the survey were to be conducted 100 times, 99 times out of 100, the results would be within +/- 5.7% of the results of the first survey. (For info on how this was calculated, please see


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