7 Surprising Facts About Today’s College Student

There’s plenty of mysticism surrounding college students and how to best engage with them. Some marketers claim that sex sells, while others rely on a strategic mix of party planning and discount coupon doses. There is a whole wealth of online information available staking claim to the ideas that help move students- and yet still, more often than not, business owners are left knowing more about what not to do than successfully piercing the zeitgeist of the college climate. Fear not concerned marketers! Study Breaks College Media has gathered a list of seven, tangible facts about today’s college students that are sure to inform even the most disconnected marketer.

7 College Student Facts

#1 – A student spends more than $13,000 per year on average, 19% of which is discretionary. That adds up to a substantial $211 per month of discretionary spending.
Tip- Students have spending power. Don’t be afraid to apply hyperfocused marketing.
#2 – In one year, 1,250,000 students transferred to another school; 1,125,000 dropped out.
Tip- Repetition is key. The student population is in a constant state of flux. While one doesn’t necessarily need to reinvent their brand on a semester-to-semester basis (although it couldn’t hurt) they do need to reinforce to incoming students why one’s brand is so popular within the community.
#3 – 775,000 male students enroll in college each year; 1,575,000 female students enroll each year.
Tip- Pay attention to the numbers. Ladies’ nights, sorority events, partnered sponsorships with tanning salons and boutiques. Market to the majority.
#4 – The average college student attends 62 parties a year
Tip- That’s roughly 6 a month… on average! Students socialize, they want to have fun. Market you’re business as a party catalyst. Think creatively on how to turn any product into one that excites.
#5 – There are more liberal freshman (27.6 percent) than conservative students (20.7 percent). The majority of students describe themselves as “middle of the road.”
Tip- Adopt the same attitude as one’s customers (even if it only applies during business hours). While themed marketing plans and political dialogue might be beneficial towards one’s own agenda, it could easily dissuade potential costumers.
#6 – There’s nothing wrong with the self-confidence of the latest crop of freshmen: 71 percent of students rated themselves as either being in the top 10 percent of students or above-average in their academic ability.
Tip- Share promotional power. Post customer photos to one’s social media outlets. Host competitions that hoist students in the middle of the spotlight. Students feel insightful, they want to make their mark in their new community. Always ask for student input whenever possible. It’s an easy strategy to instantly gain customer trust.
#7 – Nearly 55 percent of freshmen attend school no more than 100 miles from home. More than 37 percent selected a college that’s no more than 50 miles away away from mom and dad. 
Tip- Embrace local. Participate in campus activities whenever possible. Its a given that most students will have pride in their college community. What tends to be overlooked is the potential power of the hundreds of people that visit one’s town for sporting events, concerts, etc. that, in a few years, could eventually evolve into a four year repeat customer.