Twitter Tweet Breakdown

twitter-logo-hashtagMost savvy social media enthusiast would agree that Twitter thrives as one of the largest social platforms because of its unique model of personal communication and mass sharing. Athletes, celebrities, and businesses alike can address singular comments, in public, without content getting lost in the flux of a traditional comment box.



But limited with 140 characters, what’s the most effective form of communication? And furthermore, how does one diversify themselves without losing quality of content? Believe it or not, there stands a “tweet formula,” or a breakdown of tweeting styles designed to grow an audience and add flow to daily twitter chatter.


heres what it looks like


Quoted tweets

Everyone loves a good quote. One can find them in books, online, and throughout any Jr. High notebook. Posting a good quote is like plagiarizing from the greatest minds the Earth has known. One is bound to gain brand respect whenever their followers receive a mental boost they didn’t previously have.


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Emotional Tweets

Feel like shaking things up a bit? GET EMOTIONAL! Followers will either immediately agree or wonder what the hell your talking about. Either way, you made a serious impression.


Mondays aren’t so bad!… It’s your job that sucks!

Video tweets

Twitter’s app vine  has thrown video tweets into the forefront. Aside from being the most complicated form of tweet, it is probably the most entertaining as well.

Re-tweet Tweets

Re-tweets are the “sponsored posts” of the Twitter world. If one has a large following, re-tweeting can prove to be a valuable form of mass sharing, in the way that a follower can see his/her comment mirrored on a successful page. Perhaps the most influential form of the re-tweet is when a small-level account gets re-tweeted by Twitter kingpin. When successfully re-tweeted by the right account, one will undoubtedly benefit from a massive spike in views.


Conversational Tweets

Conversational tweets are the largest and most marketable form of tweet. It is simply the daily chatter between account manager and follower. If one is running a small business account, conversational tweets can be effective in (1) letting other followers know that your brand has a specific persona and (2) driving hits towards other social sites/websites/promotions etc. Without proper conversational tweets, one is merely posting information, denying the trademark personal aspects of the interface itself