Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

While Facebook’s graph search is continuing to grow in usage and development, many small business owners are double checking their fan page preferences in order to maximize enhancement. But how can one be sure that their changes are worthwhile?

Right On- No Bull Marketing recently published a 9 Step Cheat Sheet infograghic explaining every step in the graph search optimization process.






Although a majority of graph search augmentation seems to be data entry based, there are marketing strategies small business owners can choose to employ if they want to become active (particularly in the college market).

Aside from simply growing the page itself through added likes and engagement- via techniques touching on the vertical integration marketing cycle; business owners now have an extra reason to encourage what used to be thought of as “second hand” attributes (tags and check-ins). Tagging one’s business in photos and videos (and motivating students to do the same) now potentially expands one’s reach vastly farther than temporary borrowed wall space. The same could be said for check-ins, as offering coupons (another college student favorite) and other incentives to those who check-in (and/or tag) could be the extra ingredient needed to separate oneself from competition, and ultimately drive in new business.