Score More Customers With The Right Marketing Plan For Your Tailgate Products


Tailgating is huge in college, especially with Texas football. Game days are full of school spirit, beer, and lots and lots of football. Not all college students attend the football games, but the ones that do typically go all out with their game-day apparel. Game-day apparel can range from school spirited cowboy boots to temporary tattoos of the school mascot. How do you successfully market these products to students? We have a few ideas for y’all…

Make Them Your Facebook Fans


Everyone is on Facebook these days, including football fans. Make them a fan of your business as well as utilizing all that Facebook has to offer. Keep your Facebook tabs organized and give them something in return for following your company. You can do this in many ways such as: giveaways, coupons, sales, and links to your other social media profiles. Chicka-d‘s Facebook profile has a perfectly organized tab section.

Tackle Twitter With Ease

twitter tailgating

Twitter is fast-paced. You are able to get short bursts of information out in a “game-time” manner. If you’re having a sale, tweet about it. If you have a new product, tweet about it. If you find a relevant article that you can link to your store or the school that your store supports, you should definitely tweet about it. You can capture the attention of more potential and returning customers if you offer fun and relevant tweets. The University Co-op in Austin really knows how to use social media. Their twitter page is a perfect example of that.

Blog About It


Blogs are an easy way to offer product descriptions in a lengthier fashion. If you have a new product or a new game day dress design, post about them on your blog. In a blog setting, you can go into further detail about the apparel and accessories that you have to offer. There is the opportunity to suggest possible pairings and styling tips. Girls eat that stuff up. Revelry Game Day and Sorority Recruitment Dresses has an amazing blog that highlights new products and interacts with customers.

Play Up Your Pinterest


With a Pinterest page, you are given the opportunity to share your products with thousands of people. College girls are on Pinterest all day: in class, on the campus lawn, on their cell phones, at home, etc. They will pin things from many different categories. One of the larger segments on Pinterest is Women’s Fashion. Pins that have working links will successfully drive more traffic to your website. The Matador‘s Pinterest Page is an excellent example of how to use Pinterest boards correctly.

Print Advertisements


Print ads are still a feasible way to reach your target audience. Around college campuses there are any different newspapers and magazines distributed solely to these schools. Students read these publications often. Coupons can be offered in many of these as well which can be a quick and easy way to give students a reason to check out your business. By the way…….. Study Breaks *cough* *cough* is such a magazine…