Instagram Upgrades with Video




Facebook nestling Instagram recently turned some heads when it incorporated video to its fast beautiful photosharing for your Iphone business model. In a nod towards Twitter’s initial Vine success (although there is plenty of positive mobile data to support advocation) Instagram now features fifteen-second video clips along with their photo-sharing platform. The change symbolizes both a desire for Facebook to equalize with Twitter capabilities, and the undeniable sharable qualities of video content promotion.

Instagram Video and Business Content

One seemingly valid justification towards Instagram’s use of a fifteen-second clip (as opposed to Vine’s six) is that advertisers are more used to dealing in fifteen-second time frames for spots. Thus allowing an easy transition from internet spot to social media content. Already larger companies such as Burberry, Nike, Starbucks, and Gap seem to be embracing the fifteen-second outlook.

Check out one of Jeep’s initial ads here

Instagram’s contribution to the short-clip format that Vine initiated is one of large scale validation. Big business is embracing the “amateur” authentication that viewers made popular on YouTube and other social sites. Of course, this levels the playing field for all small business owners who can’t afford their own production team. Along with a free format for sharing, business marketers have plenty to be excited about- as suddenly large and small business can dissolve their mutual exclusivity (while the promotion of one will only encourage participation in the advancement of the other).