Facebook Soft Launches Timeline Redesign

As Facebook continues to shape modern marketing, any redesign the company pursues in its interface directly affects the look of most local businesses’ favorite branding device. As a business owner, all updates Facebook launches (however miniscule) need to be taken into account if efficient use is to remain at a high level. Naturally, Study Breaks became intrigued when the Chicago Tribune reported that, “Facebook had already launched timeline changes in New Zealand and parts of Europe.”






What you can expect from Facebook’s new look

  1. A larger left-side column emphasizing posts
  2. Changes to include a sleeker tab design
  3. Drag and drop right-column customization
  4. An adjustment in term as subscribers, or people who regularly subscribe to your updates (strictly on a public page) will now be known as followers.

An interesting choice, as Facebook seems to be openly embracing Twitter’s influence on the market, and possibly supporting a kind of vertical integration of the term itself through multiple media forums (similar to how it developed its own “like” button.) Although Facebook hasn’t openly acknowledged plans for a redesigned look, a New Zealand soft launch seems to be the norm for things of this nature, and the rest of us are sure to follow suit.

So what does the timeline redesign mean for business owners?

Not much short-term, as an update hasn’t yet advanced to the states. Although, technology has a way of building on itself and any change is bound to compound into more. Ultimately Facebook seems to be aiming their focus towards a more custom page design (something we haven’t seen much of.) A custom strategy makes sense, as ideally users would feel more invested in their personal pages, thus spending more time online Facebooking. This could mean big business for graphic designers when business pages shift towards customization and brand differentiation launches to the forefront.