Design Your Own Facebook Fan Page


Custom Facebook Fan Pages


These days, Facebook fan pages are as common as classified ads or promotional campaigns. And while most businesses are marketing through Facebook, it’s been well documented that many are failing in their attempts to connect with a growing audience. Creating a fan page has progressed from a novelty page users can feel excited about connecting with, to a staple customers have come to expect from their favorite places and products. So what do owners do now that they are fighting through noise and high expectations?


Custom Tabs


Custom tabs are one of the more recent upgrades to Facebook and can prove crucial to those looking to separate themselves from the pack/improve lead generation. Where as “normal” tabs would include a “photos, map, likes” box, a custom tab design can promote any marketing tool the page manager desires, all while capturing the user’s eye through a unique graphic look. Fan pages with custom tabs magnify credibility to the viewer (who sees the upgraded design) and the increase the page’s marketing capabilities (tabs can be formatted to store viewer email addresses, allocate discounts, and link to other social sites).



Free Custom Facebook Design

Of course, profile pictures and timeline cover photos remain fully customizable for every entity that develops a Facebook page. However, sometimes that freedom can be a negative for page managers who aren’t particularly “graphic savvy.” In many cases these owners either settle for a subpar design or hire an outside firm to clean up the look. But for those said parties, has provided a free forum for professional custom fan page creation. Interested business owners simply sign up, link their page to the development software, and proceed to design a polished and accomplished fan page.