Custom College Clothing: How To Market Embroidery/Screen Printing Businesses To College Students

College students are the ideal target audience for screen printers/embroidery businesses. These students always have a reason for getting custom gear. For example, they may need matching t-shirts for their intramural softball team or want their fraternity letters embroidered onto a fleece vest. Whatever the reason, they frequently purchase personalized merchandise. Here are a few ways to market to them:

Reach Them Through Facebook

monogram facebook

Facebook is an extremely important tool for screen printers/embroidery shops to use. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. A business can considerably expand its reach if Facebook is used correctly.


  • Publish product photos and descriptions online
  • Post promotions or contests
  • Ask questions to fans or use poll feature to gather information
  • Link to outside articles in regards to new types of printing or monogramming
  • Give business a voice by creating a virtual personality

The Monogram Lady‘s Facebook page is a great example of a monogram business that effectively promotes discounts and products using Facebook.

Spark Their Interest With Pinterest

pinterest image

Pinterest usage has boomed since its launch in 2011. It has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms in history. The users on Pinterest are 80% female. Many of which are college students. Ignoring this platform would be ill-considered since sorority girls are frequent customers at embroidery and screen printing businesses.


  • Showcase products for re-pin
  • Search capabilities for product ideas and/or business introduction
  • Allows for broad or narrow product search

Allow Students to Check Out and Check-In With Your Business with Foursquare


Foursquare is an important tool for small businesses. Many screen printers and embroiderers are smaller companies that need to build up their social media presence. Foursquare offers many opportunities for these businesses:


  • Chance to receive feedback in the form of tips left by previous customers
  • Offer promotions to those who “check-in” at your business
  • Geo-tracking gives business the opportunity to be found “near-by” potential customers
  • Hours of operation and phone numbers are easily displayed for potential customers

Blog About Your Merchandise

mon life

Starting a business blog can be an amazing way to introduce your new products and give more detailed explanations to your readers.

Opportunities That Blogs Offer:

  • Posts give the business a clear and distinct voice
  • Gives the opportunity to describe each product in full detail
  • Opportunity to give insight on the process that each product goes through before being “shelved”
  • Inform readers about new techniques

The Monogrammed Life  is an amazing example of a blog that posts about topics that will interest Monogram lovers. They also link to their shop where products can be purchased online.