Tips for a Successful Newsletter


Any business, regardless of the type, needs the proper technique when creating a newsletter. If you take the right approach it will only make it that much easier to gain the attention and loyalty of your readers (who more than likely have very short attention spans). So, here are some tips to help get you focused and on your way to making great and effective newsletters. Let’s get started!


Tip #1 – Make it Look Sharp, Yet Functional.


The first thing your readers’ eyes are going to come across is the visual layout of your newsletter. At this point, you have already committed yourself to making your newsletter AWESOME and to taking it to all new heights, so don’t cut any corners. Take the time to use quality images and photos to provide good imagery to your readers. If you have the means to take high quality photos of your product or service, do it.  If you have had a logo designed or made your own, be sure to use it. You would be surprised how much of a difference is made with the use of clean, nice looking imagery to help capture the eyes of your audience. On that note, don’t waste all of your time making something look amazing if people will never be able to figure out how to use it. ,Make it easily maneuverable and user friendly with easily detectable links and navigation.


Tip #2 – Titles Are Your Hook! 


It’s human nature to gravitate towards what we like. That said, if something is remotely irrelevant or boring, let’s be real–we’re going to skip over it. So be creative with your titles! Don’t tell your reader everything, but don’t be too broad or uninteresting. Be slightly mysterious with a splash of cleverness/wit/humor. You want to take full advantage of the 3 seconds that your readers’ brain uses to make a decision, so try to think a little outside the box. Whether you made your reader chuckle for a second or even initiated a harmless argumentative response, if you’ve got their attention, you’ve done something right.


Tip #3 – Make Your Newsletter Personal.


It’s no secret that the main objective of a newsletter is to communicate your business to a mass audience. However, you don’t want your newsletter to make that painfully obvious. You want it to feel personal, and by personal, we mean in the sense that the recipients of your newsletters will get  that you are connecting with them and that you’re in tune with what they like. This is why you have to incorporate a somewhat FUN and ENTERTAINING approach.  You have to remember that your readers are generously offering their time to you, so be true in showing your appreciation through your presentation.


Tip #4 – Have FUN!


Yes, that’s right… FUN. Now I’m not saying you should sit in a colored ball pit while you write  content for your newsletter, but you definitely DO want to enjoy what you’re working on. Besides, if setting up your newsletter makes you miserable, it probably shines through to your audience.  So, try not to worry so much about how people will dissect every little thing you write. If you’re having fun, they’re having fun. Period. Now, in no way does this mean to be inappropriate or go beyond the boundaries of what is socially acceptable (although that can be tempting at times), but think outside the box and let loose with it.(Once again…not too loose, of course).


Tip #5 – Be Informative, but Keep it Simple.


Although I mention having fun and being unique with your e-newsletters, there is a key factor to a successful newsletter–INFORMATION! It is crucial that you provide your readers with all of the info regarding your service and product. However, keep in mind that this does not mean that you want to drown them in words. It is easy to lose your readers’ attention if you give them too much to read, so make sure that you are clear and thorough with your details. In a nutshell, aim for simple but effective.  If you leave your readers saying, “That’s pretty cool, but where do I get that?” or “Do they have a website?” or “What’s the catch?”, then you have failed to include very important information about your business that could have landed you a loyal customer.


Tip #6 – Be Consistent With Your Schedule. 


If you start to turn heads and people like what you are presenting to them, they are going to look forward to your monthly/weekly newsletter. So, you most definitely do not want to keep them waiting or wondering when–or if–your newsletter is coming again. You must be consistent with your schedule and stick to an exact time and day every week or month that you send your newsletter out. Then your readers will have a time to look forward to!


Tip #7 – Separate Yourself From The Rest. 


We all know there’s  a very good chance that there is another business out there that does either exactly what you do or something very similar. If that’s not the case,  then you must capitalize on that and let the world know about your super product! But if you are among the greater majority, you must separate yourself from the rest of your competition. Do something unique that represents your business and what you have to offer. Details are very important, so highlight even the smallest things that you do differently than others and include that in your newsletters. Your business is your brainchild, and a lot of work has been put into making it prosper. So don’t be too modest, and show the world what your made of. You and your business deserve it!


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