Ten Tips for E-mail List Building



Creating a healthy sized E-mail list does not have to be difficult. To create a large list all it takes is attentiveness and assertiveness. Do no be afraid to ask for e-mails when making a new contact, in fact get in the habit of it!

Here are Ten Tips to Build an E-mail List


Make sure every different screen of the company’s website has a E-mail List subscriber sign-up box. Make sure it is always visible, for the client to be able to sign up. Also when a customer makes a purchase from the website make sure to send a follow up e-mail to ask if the customer would like to join the list.


Ask clients for permission to add them to the e-mail list. Make sure the customer does not feel pressured. Tell the client that they do not have to, but it will help THEM stay informed about updates and promotions. By presenting a customer with an option it opens the customer up to ask questions about the e-mails they may receive. Having this conversation with customer’s can not only help the e-mail list, but also further inform customers on the business.


Run contests for clients in regards to forwarding the e-mail newsletter to their friends. Give the customer a good incentive of a prize to want to share the newsletter with others.


Run promotions on the company’s social media profiles and website that announce that by subscribing to the e-mail list the customer will be offered discounts and promotions only available to the people on the e-mail list.


Take advantage of trade shows. Don’t be afraid to put out a physical sign up book and invite people to discuss signing up! If the company has a physical space place a sign up book in an obvious space for people to see and use. Place it at the front of the store or by the register.


Mention the benefits of joining the e-mailing list on the back of the company business cards. Include the company’s website so that the customer can easily access it. Also consider putting a QR code that is scannable and leads to the sign up for the e-mail subscription list.


A attractive and initially not intrusive lightbox will entice viewers to want to interact with it. Target the traffic that visits the posts in that category that they are visiting. Read more about lightboxes and the best ways to create them here.


Use WordPress or another blogging site to drive new users to the business. By creating content and optimizing that content, new customers may find the company by accident and want to sign up to the e-mail list for more information about the company. Therefore blogging on ideas and news relevant to the company will drive customers looking for things surrounding the company to it’s website.


Have an area to subscribe to the mailing list featured on all of the social media profiles. Make sure to advertise promotions and incentives related to signing up for the e-mail list on the social media. Use those committed fans and clients, if they are already following or participating on the social media sites they will most likely be further interested in joining the mailing list.


Make a contact with a related business that is not a competitor. Set up a system where the two companies can work together by mentioning each other in the respective newsletters. Highlight the other company as a feature in the newsletter and invite readers to join the other company’s e-mail list. Read more about partnering here.


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