Simple Facebook Marketing Guide


Simple Marketing Guide

Many entrepreneurs and business owners assume using Facebook for marketing will be too time consuming and expensive. In reality Facebook is an effective way to market a business, and it can be done for free.

Facebook’s effectiveness comes from the mass audience that they reach.  According to Facebook, they have “one billion monthly active users as of October 2012.” The potential to access new clientele should not be ignored. Also the potential to reach clients outside of the United States is also a opportunity, because “approximately 81% of our (Facebook’s) monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.” Using Facebook as a marketing resource is becoming a necessity for all businesses.

Here are some tips to get started marketing on Facebook:

  • Go here to create a Facebook Business Page.
  • After the page is created:
  1. Fill in as many details as possible!
  2. Make sure to use brand colors and imagery that match the website
  3. Use a cover photo and profile picture that work together to promote the business and promote the business’ message.
  4. Promote the business through posting it on the the owner’s and employees personal Facebook pages, have them share it with their friends.
  • Another way to get people to “like” the business’ Facebook page is to offer promotions surrounding a “like.” For example tell people if they show that they liked the business on Facebook with their smart phone they can get a free item or a discount.
  • Start posting interesting information and news about the business, make sure the page is kept up to date with new information, locations and promotions occurring.