Pinterest for Your Business


Pinterest, the self-proclaimed virtual pinboard, is a social network that allows users to visually organize, share, and discover new interests online. Users post or “pin” aesthetically pleasing images to a theme oriented pin board. Images range from do-it-yourself crafts to recipes to photographs that reflect one’s personal taste and style. With a creative emphasis, Pinterest focuses on lifestyle driven content, its mission being to connect people from all over the world who share the same tastes and interests.


With its rapid growth in unique visits, Pinterest has become impossible for businesses to ignore.


Here’s five tips to make Pinterest work for your business:


1. Pinterest and Your Brand

When it comes to Pinterest, it is important to focus on the lifestyle aspect of your brand.  It’s no longer about selling a product. Think about how your product will fit into your customer’s life.  Not only does this give your business and your company a personality, it allows the user to see the personal side of your brand.


2. Pinning Original Content

When it comes to selling a product, it’s important to present that product in a way that will easily fit the aesthetic of Pinterest and appeal to its users. It’s all about the visual.  Make sure your images are unique and are of high quality.  But before you scramble to come up with content, make sure you utilize what you already have by posting content from your website.


3. Social Pinning: Sharing is Caring

Although it’s important to produce original content, Pinterest also places emphasis on sharing content with others.  Remember the golden rule? If you want your content to be shared, you’re going to need to do some sharing of your own.  Follow other “pinners”, and re-pin their content. It’s all about building a loyal audience. Remember that every time your are re-pinned, the link will lead back to you.


4. Promotional Pinning

Use Pinterest to promote your business and interact with your followers.  Hold competitions, create a user-submission pin board.  Contests are a great way to drive traffic to your website and keeps users coming back for more.


5. Pinning for Search Engines

First things first: under your account settings, there is a switch that says “hide your Pinterest profile from search engines”. You’re going to want to make sure that’s turned off.  Further optimize your pins with key words, hash tags, and links to your website.  Incorporate Pinterest with your website and other social media tools by adding the “Pin It” share button (which can be found under Goodies). Furthermore, track “Research Activity” for new followers, comments, likes, and re-pins. Monitor your Pinterest on Google Analytics, and pin accordingly.


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