Papa John’s UGA Increases “Likes” by 15% using Study Breaks Custom Fan Page Builder


Robert Eggers, Papa John’s Owner
University of Georgia Athens, Clarke County

How do you maximize your Study Breaks print ad? 

I utilize print that hits students and residents that drives them to Facebook, Twitter and mobile communications. Instead of print being the major focus and having to run in seventeen print mediums, I utilize only the best ones to hit the demographic that I want, Study Breaks being one of the best.
I make the most of my print ads by pushing readers to mobile, and then to my Facebook and Twitter.  Once I capture the mobile information, I am able to control what I send them and when I send it. I also control when they read it.  85% of text messages are read within the first hour, which is great for time-sensitive campaigns. With Facebook, we try to remain community, information and offer based. We create posts that relate to school activities like sporting events, local community events and offers.

How did you get mobile subscribers? 

By utilizing my current radio and print campaigns. I run a mobile contest to giveaway pizzas, and it that works very well. We’ve done this every week for the past 52 weeks, and it’s been a huge success for promoting the product. It took me three and a half years to get two thousand “likes” on Facebook, and it only took me ten and a half weeks to get two thousand text subscribers.

How do you promote your social media? 

I promote our Facebook specials through our radio and print campaigns. My engagement formula consists of posting school related activities, such as sports, and then posting about the city- something viral and a type of special offer. You don’t want to just throw specials down someone’s throat. If I throw a special out everyday, there’s not a reason to like me. I use the same formula for Twitter.
The bottom line is that I use print and radio to push users to join mobile and social networks. I’ve removed all coupon offers from my print, and I focus on pushing people to my SoLoMo ( Social Local Mobile apps ).

How did you receive a 15% increase in Facebook Likes within 4 Weeks using the Study Breaks Facebook Builder? 

I ran a Facebook ad for hiring which linked to the Study Breaks built app that captures new hires. It was the most successful hiring campaign that I’ve ever done. Using the advanced setting criteria on Facebook, I was able to set the requirements for people viewing the ad. The ad linked directly to the Study Breaks tab that was built for recruiting. We also picked up “likes” at the same time. Mobile is the best way to connect to the students because they generally read a text within the hour of receiving.

Don’t Know How to Create a Fan Page?

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