Mobile Survey Overview

Study Breaks College Media Student Mobile Survey

Study Breaks College Media conducted a survey of 689 students to examine how students interact with mobile devices, specifically smart phones, in relation to personal use and accessing businesses.The survey was conducted via social media platforms and the Study Breaks website from the end of August through the 1st of November.


The Results

With 52% of the students surveyed reporting to own an Iphone, smart phones are obviously important for businesses to interact with to reach students. Students are always seen to be interacting with apps like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but they also use apps like the Starbucks locator app called “Where is Starbucks” to find the closest Starbucks. Being instantly and effectively accessibly by consumers from their smart phones is therefore very important and profitable.

Although the majority of students, 467, use their laptops to access a business website compared to the 222 accessing a business from a mobile device, the survey results overall suggest the importance of businesses becoming involved with mobile marketing.

This assertion comes from how much students reported interacting with business on mobile devices. 216 students said that they “often” use a mobile device to find deals, coupons, and drink specials. Another example of students wanting to interact with businesses from mobile devices is that the majority of students responded that they were “somewhat likely” to sign up for text alert programs, which means students want to hear news and alerts from businesses.51% of students also reported that they use a mobile device daily to search for a business’s information.

The survey also shows how important it is for a business to have a Facebook, because students reported using mobile devices for Facebook most often after talking and texting. To read more about the benefits of business face books click here. 

600 out of 689 students reported to rarely or never leaving the house without their phones, that means students always have access to the mobile website or app for a business. The idea of a person always being able to be reached by or interacting with a business opens up a whole new world of marketing and consumerism.

Leaving this new resource of mobile device interaction untapped will absolutely have a negative effect on a business.



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