Google Findings Show Magazines Are Driving Mobile Search Activity

You may not need to worry about building that app you’ve been working so hard on or trying to develop a 2D mobile activation program–it turns out your readers are probably whipping out their smartphones at the very sight of your print magazine already!

Recent research by Google and Ipsos on how offline advertising affects mobile search produced findings indicating that 48 percent of smartphone readers are performing mobile searches based on ads they see in magazines.

This means that print is competing well with other media, as only 35 percent of smartphone users search on a basis of what they see on posters billboards, while 57 percent search off of in-store promos and 58 percent off TV. And once they search, there’s a good chance they’ll buy! Mobile devices’ roles in making purchases (along with every other aspect of life, it seems) are on the rise, and surveys showed that 37 percent of participants claimed research on their mobile led to a purchase they made online. Meanwhile, 32 percent say mobile was the starting point for their in-store purchases.

And 35 percent of smartphones have even made a purchase ON their cell phones.

So what exactly does this mean for publishers? Mobile is activating your magazine for you,turning the ads within into catalysts for purchases–even without specific print2mobile programs. Now, armed with this knowledge…go sell some ads. Print’s not going anywhere, baby.


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