How To: Use the iPhone 4 ‘s Siri for Social Media Marketing & Management

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or still using dial up for your internet connection, then you’ve seen this amazing

Well, Siri can do ALMOST everything

new phone from Apple. The iPhone 4s has evolved into a virtual personal assistant, and to be quite honest… Siri’s voice is very pleasant. Siri allows you to make and edit notes, book appointments, check the weather, send emails and text messages, and even set your alarm–all without having to ever fumble around with your mobile phone.


All of these tasks are managed by simple voice commands, and trust me, this Siri isn’t some voice recognition tool; she actually understands your commands, which makes it almost scary to think about how advanced our technology is. Not only does Siri serve as your personal secretary, but we recently found out that you can manage your social media accounts with Siri as well.


Here’s the rundown…


Siri: The new secretary. (And you don't have to pay her!)

Siri doesn’t want to help you use Twitter or Facebook at all. She has the nerve to actually tell you that she cannot help you use social media and will wait for your next response. Of course with us social media hooligans, we always find a way to reach out audience and networks one way or another.


1-     Find Your Country Short Codes

Go to and ; grab the short codes for your country. Example: codes are 40404 & 32665 for the United States. Twitter & Facebook users text (Start) for Twitter and (Hello) for FaceBook. Follow the instructions.



2-     Save The Short Codes in your Phone Book 40404 & 32665

Name the two numbers as contacts in your phone such as Twitter & Facebook. This way your always ready to update and tweet.



3-     Posting A Status Update

Now that you’re all dialed in “literally,” all you have to do now is tell Siri to “Send a text to Facebook,” which will end up being your status update.



4-     Social Media Tasks by Siri

Anything you can do via text, you can do via Siri: Follow, UnFollow, Turn Notifications off & on, RT or ReTweet, Send messages–and the list goes on. Mess around with Siri and see what you can and can’t get away with.



Tip: Sometimes Siri can get a bit confused with the spoken words “Twitter” and “Facebook.” If this becomes an issue just edit your Facebook and Twitter contact names to “First Name (Face) Last Name (Book).”



Social Media never sleeps, and the world is becoming more and more mobile. Siri really makes life on the go a whole lot easier. This is not intended to be used nor does it work as your HootSuite , Seesmic , or TweetDeck management tools, but it does enable you to become part of the conversations online without ever having to touch the keypad. I am so excited to see where we are with Siri next.  With Apple always surprising us with something we wish had come out three months earlier, I’m sure the next phone will have some very insane features.


How have you been using Siri? Id love to hear what you and Siri get done in a day…


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