How to Use Email Marketing to Lead to Business Growth

Email Marketing Working for Business Growth

Now is the time to use the cheap medium of Email Marketing to let customers know about deals, news, and offers. Considering most people have constant access to their email through smart phones, the customer can always be up to date on a business’ news. Email marketing is also easily forwarded to other customer’s facilitating business growth.


How to Get Started:

Guidelines and Tips for Email Marketing


1. Segment customer contact email addresses…

This segmentation allows for the business to be able to send “targeted, relevant messages” to the customer. Read more about personalizing campaigns   here.  Personalizing a campaign for certain types of customers (ie. frequent customers vs. one time buyers) will aid in making the customer feel special, as well as keeping their inbox clutter free from emails that aren’t relevant to that customer.

2. Make sure Customer’s can Subscribe to the Emails!

Email subscription is a big part of marketing. Tying together all the business’ social media, should make it easy for the customer to subscribe the email newsletter, like the facebook page, follow the twitter and participate in ALL of the social media the business uses. Being able to easily access this information allows the customer to fully participate and be informed on what the company is doing. (Forbes)

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 3. Make sure Emails include the Brand

Email Marketing is MARKETING for the company. Therefore by including the brand logo and using colors associated with the brand the customer will start to think about and recognize the business in other places outside of where the business is normally available to them. Think of how many great brands are associated with colors that become “their” colors:


4. Concise and Simple

As the great Sweet Brown once said, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” People do not have time to read wordy, lengthy emails about the company’s newest employees or the change from one paper company to another. Keep the information within the Email simple and relevant to the customer. Include promotions or enticing things that will MAKE the customer want to read further and more from the company.

5. Use Promotions that involve multiple consumers

By using promotions such as, “Bring two friends and get a meal free” the customer will forward the email to their friends to tell them about going. This will bring more customers and more subscriptions to the email, because they will want the opportunity to have the promotions  and deals!



More tips on Email Marketing can be found here, where Forbes contributor Kate Kiefer Lee shares her advice.