How To Sell Your Boss on Social Media


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So here you are, a quarter into 2012 and your company hasn’t hopped on the social media band wagon. Trying to manage your marketing efforts with the team can be tough, let alone trying to implement a whole new marketing vehicle. When it all comes down to it, social media should be near the top of a companies priorities, and there should be no excuse for not having a social media presence. Trying to convince management of this can be difficult, it isn’t easy getting the conversation moved from “wouldn’t it be great if…” to “lets get the ball moving forward and get some social media management started.”


“Show Me The Money”


Management thinks in dollar signs. They have staff to worry about all the other numbers, like daily metrics on the website and checking out the report on sales. Next time your considering stepping up to the plate and speaking about social media in the work place, just make sure your priorities align with managements. Change the topic about social media into how social media marketing can and will increase sales, increase revenue projections and decrease spending. For example, a company blog can assist with inbound customer service calls, increasing customer appreciation and decreasing customer frustration.



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“Calm The F*&% Down”                           


We all know that trying to add sales, revenue and cost to social media sounds difficult from where your at right now.It all sounds nice and great in theory but trying to execute this is a whole new ball game, but it’s not impossible. If you can wrangle up the right tools, and people you can find the right answers in your very own backyard.


“Know where your traffic is coming from”


There are tons of tools that give you great metrics as to where people are coming from. Some are dirt cheap and even free, and then there are some that can run your enterprise as much as $10,000 a month. You can use tools such as BufferApp to track stats on posts you submit via Twitter. Using Facebook as a social media tool is great because it gives you great insights that even break down demographics on your audience and the reach of your content as far as impressions. And then again there’s tools such as HootSuite that make presenting a large variety of important analytics to management a easy, breezy, beautiful thing to look at. If your company has a Blog (which they should) then sites such as WordPress and Blogger give you a great idea of where traffic is coming from around the world.



“I’m Not A Blogger, I Just Tweet a Lot” 


That’s great that your tweeting, but without a blog do you think it’s easy for your audience to have a reason to visit your website? I mean, you have to have fresh, engaging content daily in order for people to have a reason to stop by. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the rest of the social networks are great ways to feed your audience great information from your website’s blog, but these platforms are also your best opportunity at building relationships with your audience. Imagine a place that potential customers can go to and simply ask a question and have it answered in a timely manner. Yah, well that can be your blog. Tweet, blog, Social Networking

Social networking sites such as Facebook (click here to learn how to use the new Facebook Timeline for your company) and Twitter are used so frequently by your current and potential customers, prospects and competitors. It’s important to connect with them, and look and listen at what their talking about because that’s where you’ll be able to serve their needs and respond in a much more simpler way. Companies around the world are now using social media as their go to source for finding employees, background checks, community awareness and even customer prospecting.

Social Media is changing the way people purchase, do business and socialize, and at this day in age things will never go back to the way they were. This is the new world of social business and your (ROI) Return On Investment is plain and simple. “Will your business will be around in the next 5 years?”