How to get an E-Newsletter Shared on Facebook and Twitter

How to Use Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) to Spread an E-Newsletter.

Currently social media is becoming the way to make sure customers see a brand, product and hear the latest news. With so much advertisement clutter combing email, Facebook and twitter to promote a e-newsletter will help to make sure the newsletter or advertisement is seen by the biggest audience possible. According to eMarketer, “…The popularity of social sharing has helped some messages circulate far beyond their initial audience.” An E-Newsletter coupled with a discount inside, according to  Emailvision‘s research, received the most shares of any other type of E-Newsletter including, incentives for sharing and humorous content. The best way to get a consumer to read about the company, is to offer them a reason.

Another reason why consumer’s will want to share the newsletter, other than the discount or promotion, is if it is simplistic and saying something relevant. Make sure the newsletter is always filled with exciting news or information. If the purpose of the newsletter is just to remind customer’s of the company and is filled with unexciting information, the customer will not want to share it. A bad newsletter could also lead to the development of a negative view of the company. When the brand is ready to start sending out a newsletter, make sure to update all social media pages and include them in emails, newsletter and on every page of the website.

Both Facebook and Twitter have links to get involved and advertise directly with them for a fee. This information can be found for Facebook here and Twitter here. Twitter even has a page of case studies that have benefited from using Twitter’s advertisement promotions. These case studies include an array of businesses such as Airbnb, American Red Cross, GNC, etc. A complete list and more on the case studies can be readhere.

If advertisement money isn’t in the budget, here is how to promote an E-Newsletter for FREE: 

1. Make sure to post a webpage copy of the newsletter on the business’ Facebook, so that customer’s who are already fans of the Facebook page can easily share the newsletter.

2. Try to include a discount or promotion within the newsletter, so that it is more appealing to share.

3. Make sure the newsletter includes a link to the company’s Facebook page so that customer’s can go and like the page.

4. Tweet a few times throughout the day a link of the newsletter to heighten exposure.


At the end of the day sharing information about a company on social media sites is better than not sharing any information. It may seem excessive at first compared to the old way of just emailing out a newsletter, but the exposure it will bring to the business will be beneficial. By combining all aspects of marketing, the company has a larger chance of reaching clients.