How Students Interact with Smart Phones

Smart phone use and students go hand and hand.

A person looks at their phone 150 times a day (TechCentral) It’s safe to say college students probably look  at their phones at LEAST two times that much. Study Breaks College Media conducted a survey to see their habits and interactions with their phones. This data is beneficial when discussing marketing and advertising to students considering the medium they will most likely see businesses and advertisements on are on the screens of their phones.

Mobile Survey Results

 How often do you use your mobile to check/compose email?

How often do you use your mobile for school-related tasks (checking Blackboard, class schedules, school email etc.)?

How often do you go somewhere without your cell phone?

Besides talking and texting, what do you use your phone for most often?

How likely are you to read a digital magazine on your mobile device?

What type of cell phone do you own?

How many texts do you send and receive on an average day?




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