How Mobile Devices Connect Students with Businesses

Smart Phones Connect

Students and Businesses

Student’s Interaction with Smart Phones Should be Recognized as a Good Opportunity for Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are becoming as common as clothing. A person wouldn’t leave the house without a shirt on, similarly no one leaves without their cell phone. “1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next 5 years.” (ABIResearch)  If it’s not obvious now that a business should be accessible and interactive with mobile devices, Study Breaks College Media conducted a mobile survey on their website, that had 689 participants and  found some interesting results.

Mobile Survey Results

How often do you use your mobile device to find deals, coupons, drink specials, etc.?


How likely are you to scan a QR code seen in a print ad?


How often do you make purchases from your mobile device?


What do you use more frequently to visit a business’s website?


How often do you “check in” at places on your mobile device via Facebook, Foursquare, or any other app?


How likely are you to sign up for text alert programs?


How often do you use your mobile to search for a business’s information (phone number, address, hours etc.)?


How do you feel when you visit a site on your mobile device and it isn’t movile optimized?

How Businesses Should Respond to Students

It should now be obvious now, how important it is for a business to interact with the different aspects of smart phones such as QR codes and websites formatted for mobile phones.  A business should be able to be reached by all mediums and constantly be updating with the times. Although it seems intimidating at first there are many companies willing to help get the business on the right updated technology track.




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