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Google populates listings from sources such as Yellow Pages, Superpages etc. Most of the time these places are unverified, and in order to edit your business’s information, you must claim it first. If you haven’t claimed your business, you should do so today considering the fact that, if you don’t, spammers probably will. If your business isn’t listed already for reasons such as your business not being listed in a phone book or other source, then you can add your business listing as well.

Here’s the basic rundown for updating, editing and adding a listing to Google Maps.

Check and see if your business is listed in Google Maps. Do a search for your business name and include your city and state in the search bar.





Do you see your listing? If not, go here and submit it.


If you do see your listing, check and see if  it reads “Unverified.”  If so, click on the title of your business in the search results or on the “more info” link. You may be presented with different views pending on which one you click, but you’ll get all the same info.



Your listing will pop up as a bubble on the map. Click on the “Edit” link, add the correct information and fill in as much as possible.




Since your listing hasn’t been claimed, you will be presented with another pop up on the map area but this time it will read “Are you the owner? Claim your business.” You’ll want to click that linked text.





If you have a Google account log in. If you don’t then Create one here.


You’ll be able to use various other Google services with this account, such as Analytics ( website statistics ), AdWords ( pay-per-click advertising ), WebMaster Central ( spot problems search engine bots are having with your website ) and other tools.



Enter your business contact info, and be as descriptive as possible; this is your business right?. On the next screen you’ll see that you can add more info like categories of your business, hours of business and methods of payment that you accept, and upload videos and images, etc.


The final step is to validate your listing.  Google wants to make sure that it is indeed your business that you are trying to claim, and they do this by contacting you with a phone call, text message or postcard. Texts and phone calls are of course the fastest, but it doesn’t always work;  it has happened to me and clients several times, in any case just resort to the mail option.


If you choose the Call Method: If you choose the phone validation your phone will ring shortly after you click the “Call Me Now” button. Follow the automated instructions and enter the PIN number you see on your screen.





If you choose the Mail Validation, you’ll want to watch for your postcard to arrive in the mail. When it does, open it and follow the instructions:




Once you have verified your business by submitting your pin, it can take some time for it all to go live. Once it is, if you have any current satisfied customers, email them and ask if they’d be kind enough to leave you a review. Helpful tip: send them the URL (aka link) that directs them right to the page they will need to do this, making it easy on them.



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