Foursquare For Your Business

When it comes to mobile marketing, you and your business can’t afford to not pay attention to Foursquare. This location-based mobile marketing platform makes checking into places fun, easy and worthwhile. People simply check in with their smartphones and share their location with friends, all while collecting badges and points. Most companies also reward their customers for checking in with discounts, free products or services, and many more incentives.


The Foursquare users can then in turn leave feedback on the places they check into for future check-ins, which can really encourage others to visit your place while in the area. Businesses leverage the platform by using the wide range of tools that show them the analytics and stats of those checking in, including age, gender and more info, so you can better serve them. Millions of people check into businesses using Foursquare, so let’s show you how to find new customers and form better connections with your current ones.


Getting Started on Foursquare


Considering the fact that your business might already be on Foursquare, let’s check and see if your business already exists. Click here to get started.

Once you have done the following steps, you will receive your confirmation postcard in the mail. You will be prompted to:

1) Go to

2) Sign in using your email or phone number and corresponding password

3) Enter your verification code in the blank field and click “Verify”


Once this is all complete, place your clinger/sticker in your front window so you’re visitors know you’re hip and on Foursquare.

Once you become familiar with the service, start posting specials so that you can encourage all your new customers to come back and your current customers to stay. You can do all this here:

Do you really want to know who is coming into your business and what they’re saying about it? Stay up to date with real time analytics and stats on those that support your business:


Here’s an awesome tutorial video on how to get started:

How to Use Foursquare for Business

Happy Foursquaring!


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