Facebook Timeline Checklist



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1) Create Page


2) Choose Your Category: Are you a Brand, Local Business etc.


3) Name Your Page: You get 1 shot at this so make sure its correct and abides terms.


4) Add a Picture: You can add an image up to 180W X 180L Pixels so get creative. TIP: save your photos for SEO ex: Andre McKay.jpg






5) Thumbnail Picture Adjusted? Make sure your thumbnail picture is as you want it.

– Hover Over Profile Picture

– Click Drop down arrow where it says “Edit Profile Picture”

– Click “Edit Thumbnail”

– “Drag to Adjust” OR “Scale 2 Fit”


6) Set your Cover Photo: This is your branded billboard basically, you get 851W x 315L pixels. DO NOT include any selling points such as… Pricing, Discounts, or LIKE us


7) Claim Your Custom/Vanity URL: You must have 25 LIKE’s to do this and 1 shot at creating it, it can not be changed ever! www.FaceBook.com/username


8 ) Info Tab: Relevant Company/Brand Info found and displayed? Phone number and eMail visible? Website, Blog, Twitter etc. displayed?


9) Update Milestones: Events such as: Store openings, special occasions or important news should be highlighted as “Milestones.”


10) Other Social Channels: Do you want people to be able to see and find your content from Twitter & YouTube?


11) Tabs Not Being Used: Only feature tabs you currently use or it looks cluttered.


12) Custom Tabs Installed & arranged accordingly?: Yelp, YouTube, Twitter etc?


13) “Share”: Friends can share a page with friends by clicking the “Share” link on the bottom left side of the page.


14) Like to be Like’d: Have you Like’d other local or potential clients and partner pages?

Facebook, Timeline, Facebook Timeline, Branding, Checklist


15) Facebook to Twitter?: Can you manage posting on Facebook and Twitter? Would you rather post to Facebook and have them directed to twitter as well? Facebook Help Center


16) Facebook on your website?: Allow visitors to your website to interact with you on Facebook by integrating social plugins on your site. Facebook for Websites


17) Promote Events: Facebook events app allows you to create events, invite fans and allow them to share the events with their friends, and check in with Facebook Places. How to Create and Manage Events


18) Livestream Videos: LiveStream’s Facebook app allows you to host live videos, which you can host panel discussions and take questions from a Facebook audience in real time. Live Stream for Facebook 


19) Measure & Re-vise your efforts: Use Facebook’s amazing colorful Insights & Metrics to see what has and has not been having a impact on your current audience


20) Turn Emails into LIKE’s “Clickly”: Facebook allows you to upload your email contacts in a csv or various other types of files to allow your email contacts to possibly join your business on Facebook.

– Go to profile page

– “Edit Page”

– Click “Resources” on the left

– Click “Tell Your Fans”

– Select how you will be completing this awesome process.


21) Featured LIKE’s: Are there any Brands and Businesses you’d like to support by featuring on your LIKE’s section? Facebook Featured Likes 


22) Convert Profile to Fan Page