A Mobile Website is a Business Essential

Mobile Websites: The Main Way to Access a Customer

Mobile Website

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At a time where the customer is not only always right, but always accessible by their mobile, it should be a ‘no brainer’ to have a mobile website. According to Pew Research Center, 45% of cellphone owners have smart phones.

With a continuously growing market of smart phone owners, now is the time to take advantage of the novelty of having an easily accessible website for these consumers. Customer’s will appreciate the fact that they can easily read and interact with your website.

CNN has an article, “Survey says most U.S. cell phone owners have smartphones; so what?” Well CNN, the ‘so what’ is the fact that now consumers have access to all business’ information and in turn businesses have a new opportunity for marketing.

Think of a place where businesses can constantly advertise to consumers…that place is the Internet on a smartphone.

Why Does My Business Need a Mobile Website?

  1. The consumer can quickly find information on the business as they are thinking about the business. (Location, hours of operation, phone number etc.)  This benefits the company, because it takes away the ‘middle man’ of the consumer trying to remember later that they wanted to look up the business. It also gives them an address of the business, so that the customer can instantly come to the business. (Day and Night 365 Media)
  2. As opposed to a flyer, magazine, or newspaper ad the information on coupons and specials can be kept up to date without any cost.
  3. Mobile Optimized sites load more quickly than a website on a smartphone. This is less frustrating for the customer, breeding good thoughts about the company initially. (Risen Creative)
  4. There is free advertising available through adding a Facebook page link on the mobile website. This sets up a community aspect of liking the business, where the consumer’s friends can see that they enjoyed the good or service from the business.
  5. 84% of small businesses who have invested in a mobile presence say that they see benefits (Day and Night 365 Media)
  6. 90% of consumers have taken action based on a smart phone search. Why not get some of those consumers? (Day and Night 365 Media)
  7. More people buy mobile phones and tablets than desktop computers. Eventually people will just be using their mobile phones and tablets to search. (clickernewz.com)
  8. Mobile websites are not expensive to set up. Many companies offer free templates to help convert a website into a mobile website. (clickernewz.com)
  9. A mobile website is more visually appealing on a smartphone. The customer can actively find what they are looking for instead of scrolling through text, trying to navigate a site.
  10. Customers EXPECT it. At this point, not having a mobile website makes the business seem out of date and inconvenient.

A Mobile Website is Only the First Step!

Why wait? Set up a mobile website to become a consumer favorite! The next step that will benefit a business is creating an App, so that customers can instantly access the business’ information!