5 Tips For Using Facebook Timelines

5 Tips For Using Facebook Timelines

Like it or not, the way people view your Facebook page has changed- probably forever. Businesses have no choice for to adapt. And if you want to use Facebook to increase sales and brand awareness, you are going to have to get creative. These five tips will help you the Facebook Timeline work for your business.

1. Get smart with your cover image.

An image is worth a thousand words, right? Use images that are rich and depict your company’s products or “speak” to your mission.

Use a clean, clever cover image. Facebook has implemented rules regarding the content of  cover images. Images cannot contain price or purchase information, references to interface elements (like or share features), calls to action, or contact information.

You can use a great stand-alone image for your profile picture- like your logo, in such a way that it it is incorporated into your cover image. Or, try using a profile image that fits right in to your cover photo, like this one:

Clairol Cover Photo

2. Use the About section to your advantage.

So, if you can’t include all of that vital information- address, calls to action, and pricing on your cover photo, where should it go? The About section. Many companies provide no information at all in this section, but it’s prime advertising space. Make it work for your business.

Barbie;s Faceboook About Section

 3. Add Milestones that will interest your community.

If you’ve been in business for years, and you’ve released lots of products, you should have a ton to work with. It’s also very interesting to watch the evolution of your products and services.

If you’ve only been around for a relatively short time, you’ve probably still accomplished more than you have. Try laying out your company’s basic history on walls or a white board in your office. You’ll think of things to add that way, and it will help you get creative.

Don’t forget to add your milestones over time- you don’t want to overload fans by adding too many at once.

Zappos Founded







4. Pin important posts.

Your posts are shown in chronological order on your timeline. If you want to advertise an upcoming event, or if you have a particularly important post that you don’t want fans to miss, pin it to the top of your page. Your post will stay on the top left of your page for a week. This insures that it will be one of the very first things a visitor will see.

5. Highlight a post.

Highlighting, or starring a post will  expand it to the full width of your page. Highlight posts by hoovering over them, and clicking the star icon. You can highlight your posts, or posts from other people. This can be a great way to attract attention from visitors and draw the reader to a particular image. If you decide to change the post back to it’s original spot, just click the star again.

Sephora Timeline Highlight

Hopefully, these tips will get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve been inspired, share your own timeline story with us below!