Email Marketing To College Students – Why Your Business Needs To Use It!

e-Newsletters are the bomb

Sure you have heard of email marketing and e-newsletters, but do you know why they are the bomb?? In this article, we are going to cover all the basics as to why and how email marketing is not only easy but highly effective.  Enjoy!




Easy Access:
The internet has become the ultimate go-to source for the majority of people living on this planet. Furthermore, almost all of these said people have their own personal channel of online communication which is, of course, their email. In 2009, Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that more than 90% of Internet users between 18 and 72 said they send and receive email. So, this opens a huge door of opportunity for business owners. You don’t have to put a billboard up anymore, and hope that a passer-byer gets a glimpse of it. With an e- newsletter, you now have the privilege of accessing that direct channel to individuals that you might have normally never been able to reach.


A Smart and Inexpensive Investment:
One very important question that comes to mind for any business owner that’s thinking of taking a new approach on marketing is “How much is this going to cost me?” Well, there’s good news, folks. The beauty of e-newsletters is that you get to utilize many resources that you are either already paying for, or will spend very little money on.  Also, there is another very sweet sounding deal that you can throw into the mix when using E-newsletters. That is the return that you will get on your investment. In 2011, Business 2 Community marketers reported that they pulled in an average of…*drum roll*… $256 for every $1 spent.  That is a whopping 256% return on investment. Now if you ask me, that sounds like music to my ears.


Stay Classy:
No one likes to be hounded or imposed upon. Unfortunately, many businesses come off that way when marketing their product to consumers. The great thing about Email marketing is that you aren’t forcing your product or service down anyone’s throat. With E-newsletters you simply give your potential customers informative insight into what you offer as a company. Also, they are not in any way bound to you product of service, and can choose to unsubscribe to your newsletter just as easily as they signed up. Although that is never the preferred outcome, it still gives the readers a sense of comfort to know that they have a choice, and in turn that makes them appreciative.


If You Build It, They Will Come (Relationships, that is):
Whether it be with your existing clients or with potential clients, E-newsletters allow you to strengthen the relationship you have with your readers. This is definitely a win/win situation; because if you strengthen the bond with your current clients, they will remain loyal to your company.  More so, if you strengthen the relationship with your potential clients, you increase the possibility of solidifying future business with them. Either way, email marketing allows for you to communicate with the masses casually and eventually build business relationships on a more personal level.


Keep People Up to Speed:
It’s not always easy to get the word out about new and exciting things that are happening in your company.  Whether you have a new product, service, promotion or even a new employee, it’s good to keep your readers informed. With an E-newsletter, not only do your subscribers feel included but it also gives them a sense of privilege to be among the first to hear about special deals or breaking news regarding your company. Also, as a bonus, there is always the possible incentive of you kindly rewarding your subscribers with coupons or discounts just for being supportive.


Get Feedback:
Thanks to handy dandy analytic reports, when using email marketing, you are able to track detailed statistical feedback. Not only can you monitor who is opening and reading your E-newsletter, but you can see when they opened it and if they are forwarding it to others. This offers a huge marketing advantage, because you get to see what people are favoring and it allows you to make adjustments according to real time target market activity. Another great thing concerning feedback and email marketing is that that if you have your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter up and running, you can advertise the positive responses you are getting from those platforms on to your e-newsletter as well.


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