How Does Facebook’s New Metric “People Talking About This” Work?

Facebook has done a tremendous job on revamping their insight and analytic tools. The Social Network recently presented us with a new metric that is displayed on the brands profile called “People Talking About This”. With as often as facebook makes changes and adjustments to better serve its 800 billion plus users, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the new metrics name changed at least once or twice this year. This new tool basically enables the users visiting the page to view how much virality a page has.


“Like-ing” a facebook page is just the beginning of the process when creating a meaningful network. Here, the new metric gives you an idea of the page’s rating, and how much the content influences meaningful engagements. Social Media Today recently mentioned that facebook encourages brands to publish quality content that merits more comments and shares from fans aka (LIKE’s).

This new metric measures user initiated activity that pertains to a facebook page. Here’s a few areas the metric measures:

•    How many people/brands LIKE the page
•    How frequent posts are going up on the page’s wall
•    How many times people share the content
•    How many comments are submitted by users or brands on the page
•    How many mentions the page receives
•    How many check-ins from consumers at that location
•    How many tags a page receives in consumer’s/brand’s photos

Although this is a huge metric for companies to pay attention to, it does not mean you should forget about your insights section on your profile. Anyone who is the admin of a page should always pay attention to factors such as: the time of day a post is made, the day of the week a post is made and the number of posts in a day that are made. These factors will help you and your team to determine if different times are necessary to better reach your current audience. Analyzing the success of your posts and learn what your fan base is responding to.

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