Use Mobile Marketing to Reach College Students, 3 Ways to Have Fun with it!

Mobile Marketing is everywhere. Duh, it’s mobile. And it works. In the past few years, mobile marketing has become not just a craze, but a totally legit marketing channel. Think about it: Mobile phones have more or less replaced home landlines, and few people are ever without their mobile phones. Everyone has a mobile phone that supports SMS, and  everyone reads texts. Even better, most text messages are read within four short minutes after being received.

The money generating possibilities of mobile marketing are endless – You are literally placing your promotions at the consumers fingertips. Want a couple of examples?


1. The Short Code: It goes a long way

Short codes are advertised anywhere – with digital or virtual signage or through traditional advertising venues like radio, print, and television. These calls-to-action ask consumers to text a keyword to a short code to opt in to receive messages from you. Example: Want to get the about the Prince of Darkness? Text OZZY to 666666.

2. Location, Location, Location (Location-based marketing):

Location-based marketing utilizes IP capable mobile devices to target consumers based on their geographic location. For example, a bar patron checks in via Foursquare, Facebook, etc. They receive a 2 for 1 drink coupon.


3. The Wait Is Over (QR Codes) …

A QR, or Quick Response code is a sort of bar code that can be easily scanned by mobile devices to reveal information. These 2 dimensional honeys direct consumers to your coupons, new product links, event details, and more.


Try it!

In my next few blogs, I’ll provide you with some mobile marketing strategies for your specific business type so you can get some good ideas on how to reach those college students. Get the message?